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10 Best Learning Management Systems For Your Company

What is the best learning management system? The best learning management system is TalentLMS, a powerful and highly customizable platform that helps companies develop their workers into highly-skilled individuals. This easy-to-learn, device-agnostic solution provides a wide array of features that boost course completion, retention rates, and learner engagement. Educational institutions, […]

Who Uses LMSs And Why

Nowadays the methods that can be used for online training have become more accessible and trustworthy along with the rise of cloud computing and online SaaS services. With the process of learning no longer limited to a physical classroom or course materials ordered through mail students, professionals, small business, and virtually everybody who […]

Emerging Trends in LMS: 5 Things to Watch Out For

Learning management system or LMS, similarly to other SaaS solutions is undergoing significant changes caused by advances in cloud computing, social integration, mobile technology, and new devices. We can’t be sure of specific directions that LMS will take once it’s no longer a special educational service from a few years back, but in […]

What Is The Best Learning Management System?

Learning management systems are tools for companies and educational institutions. They are easy to use and can be adopted by both small businesses and big enterprises to manage online learning programs. The main benefit of using a learning management system is the ability to prepars solid course resources or curricula to educate […]

Features of LMS Software

eLearning has become very popular in the recent years and today Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide really great features to their users. What is more, LMS vendors offer a wide range of flexible subscription plans now. Some vendors even provide a free trial or demo version of their LMS that you […]

How To Find The Best LMS: Questions To Ask Before Buying

Adopting a learning management software (LMS) is a good idea if you plan to provide online courses for your staff or students. It can be a problem though, if you choose one that doesn’t fit your company. LMS systems can have different forms, sizes, prices and features that can influence […]

History of Learning Management System

For companies with a strong focus on providing staff training and professional development, adopting a learning management system can be a very good idea. This is true for for staffing agencies, enterprise firms and extension schools. If you study the history of learning management system it’s easy to see that […]

Recommended Online Learning Management Vendors

With hundreds of learning management systems available online, it’s a good idea to be able to identify the top LMS vendors out there. By cross-matching the lists in top SaaS review platforms and LMS-focused sites, we were able to review the most recommended online learning management vendors and check which of these appear […]

Types of Learning Management Systems

Today more and more businesses begin using learning management systems to assist with their business operations, staff and talent management, and to improve their general efficiency. For those without much experience with that kind of tools, learning management systems are designed to automate various administrative tasks connected with training, including such […]

Future of Learning Management System: Why It Needs To Reinvent Itself

People who ask the question “what is the future of learning management system?” may seem confused at first, seeing how the LMS industry has been thriving in the recent couple of years. There is definitely a market for services that offer solid training, reliable talent management and efficient organizational development.

Learning Management System Vendors: 5 Pro Tips For Evaluating Them

Having a reliable learning management system is currently believed to be a crucial element of running a successful company, particularly for big enterprises that need an all-round training and development of its staff. One of entrepreneurs, Richard, realized that selecting a solid LMS will significanlty improve the performance and efficiency […]

Buyer’s Guide To Cloud-hosted LMS

Web-based solutions are becoming popular these days, and there are good reasons for its popularity. Even in the field of training—whether in an educational or business setting—learning management systems (LMS) that are hosted on the Internet are considered a top choice for many organizations and companies, especially for small business […]

Costs and Pricing Models of Learning Management Systems

Many Learning Management Software (LMS) buyers are overwhelmed by dizzying pricing pitches of different LMS vendors, each one positioning their price to be the best. On the surface, many web based LMS look like a fantastic deal. Be a smart buyer. Know how much LMS products would really cost before […]

Choosing Learning Management System Software With The Help From Our Experts

What do you need to look out for when choosing a learning management system software? That is the question raised by Hannah, a master baker who runs a small but flourishing bakeshop in Carson City, Nevada and is teaching baking lessons in a community college. Hannah is looking to implement […]

Free Open Source Learning Management System

Patrick runs a small culinary school where he and several cooking instructors release cooking manuals on different cuisines every month on their website. Now, they are planning to create learning materials and share them via online medium. Now, Patrick and some of his techie friends are convinced that running their […]

SaaS Learning Management System: 3 Things That Make It A Cost Effective Solution

Shane, a freelance photographer who also teaches professional photography in a community college in the San Francisco Bay Area, plans to offer paid online photography courses to students and enthusiasts who could not attend his classes. He has been gathering information on SaaS learning management systems and has been reading […]

Why Hosted Learning Management System Can Hugely Benefit Your Company

Kevin, a financial advisor based in Chicago, is planning to set up an online classroom where he can provide his clients with e-books and courses on financial planning and investments. Kevin already has a website set up and plans to use a learning management system for his small business. However, […]

Web Based Learning Management System Tips To Make The Best Buying Decision

David is an expert longcase clock repairman and is called one of the best in the business in the Northwest region. Longcase clocks, also known as grandfather’s clocks, are becoming less and less prevalent, which is why David wants to pass down his knowledge to those who are interested to […]

Cornerstone Learning Management System For Professional Enterprise, Home & Online Applications

Successful cloud based virtual assistant Sharon plans on launching her own digital enterprise, an online training center for people who want to carve careers as virtual assistants and home-based professionals. As she plans to train her future staff in a virtual classroom, Sharon obviously needs a learning management platform to […]

What Is LMS And How It Works: Simple Tips For Cloud Hosted Services For Small Business

Tim has just opened his own small business and has been advised by his friends to use LMS or learning management software. He needs help in finding the best one for his enterprise needs and also in being able to tell if the one he is going to use will […]

Top 3 Free Learning Management Systems That Are Your Best Bet

They say that the best things in life are free. While the old adage may apply to a lot of things in life, some stuff do carry a price tag. Luckily for Ben, an upcoming independent interior designer who plans to sell home interior designing courses online, there are things […]

5 LMS Software Advantages That You Should Seriously Consider

Rick has been running his online fashion store for men for more than two years and with the way things are going, expansion is a distinct possibility. Among his plans is to hire more cloud based staff to help him manage his store even if they are based in different […]

Top LMS Training Software Selection Prepared By Our Experts

Andy has recently made plans to launch another branch of his small car rental service in another city in Utah. His main office is located in Salt Lake City and the planned new location for its branch is in Canyon Rim. Andy will oversee the preparations as well as the […]

Which Best LMS Providers Will Meet The Requirements Of Your Company

An HR head of a mid-sized company wants to start an LMS program and wonders how to pick the right provider— “Hi, I read a lot about the convenience and practical uses of LMS in employee training and I’m excited to apply it to our sales team. Since most of […]

Online Training Software: Is It Something Your School Should Consider?

A private college wants to know if LMS is for them: “We’re a mid-range private college in the West Coast offering Liberal Arts. Many of our students belong to low-middle to low income households. We want to start an LMS program to, first, help working students, and two, to help […]

Best Learning Management System Software

A teacher wants to introduce online course to his class, but he’s also a first-time LMS user. “Hi, I’m teaching a sophomore tourism class in a community college as a part-time job. I’m also running a travel business, so that makes me a practitioner, too. I want to integrate LMS […]

LMS Learning Management System Services That Are Popular, Easy And Cheap

Travis is the marketing director of a beverage company and is looking to subscribe to this LMS learning management system to teach his staff proper sales skills to increase revenues. But before doing so, he needs some introduction of what the system is all about and what features to look […]

10 Best Learning Management Systems: Comparison Of Top Web Based & Mobile Tools

Andrei runs a marketing company and would like to be oriented on the functions and benefits of learning management software to recommend to a top client. In order to do so, he needs help on making a review and comparative analysis of 10 best learning management systems so that he […]

Hosted Learning Management System And Popular Benefits Of Such Tool For Your Enterprise

Janelle is the marketing director of a hotel chain and is looking to get the approval of their Board of Directors for the adoption of a learning management system within the organization. She believes that it will accelerate the knowledge and skills of her co-workers on the fast-paced developments happening […]

Online Learning Management System: What Is It And What Good B2C Products Are There

Trisha has just opened her own enterprise and she is interested in training her employees herself. She wants to know if there is software that she can use for this particular purpose. She asks: “Hello, I’m Trisha. I have just opened my own small business and I plan to train […]