5 LMS Software Advantages That You Should Seriously Consider

qnaRick has been running his online fashion store for men for more than two years and with the way things are going, expansion is a distinct possibility. Among his plans is to hire more cloud based staff to help him manage his store even if they are based in different locations. Rick wants to equip his future employees the skills to run and manage a commercial website. For this purpose, Rick wants to know if employing LMS software will be beneficial to his goals.

“Hello! I have an online clothing store for men and looking to expand my enterprise. Getting a few hands is definitely on the list. But among my concerns is providing them with instructions that are centralized and consolidated. Many of my friends have recommended trying LMS software. The thing is, I do not know much about learning management systems and how they work. But I am willing to give them a whirl. I hope you can tell me what benefits are there for using LMS systems. Thanks!”

Hi Rick! The advances in technology have been very rapid and if businesses are to keep up, they need to advance as well. With technological innovations now enabling many enterprises to get people working via the Cloud, it is also imperative that they provide their workers with a web based sets of learning materials like documents, video and audio content. That’s where deploying a learning management software comes in.

I have listed five top benefits of using LMS software, but further reading on the subject matter will help you understand the best advantages of LMS systems and how they can really take your small business to higher heights.

#1 LMS helps you put all your instructions and educational/training materials in one neat location

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit that comes with a learning management system. You have a centralized place wherein you can put all the information or instructions you want to dispense and which you can update easily from almost anywhere and anytime. Imagine just sending your users to a single hub where they can get all the information they need to perform a particular task or gain insight on a specific service or product.  That really speeds up the learning process for your employees without having to delegate or commit manpower and time for such purpose.

#2 Track learning progress

With an LMS software in place, business owners and trainers can easily assess the progress of their trainees/employees. With basic LMS tools such as status reports, group reports, and learner statistics, trainers can easil evaluate the learning process and progress of their trainees, both as individuals and as groups.

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#3 Secured accessibility to critical information

It is commonplace for businesses to have trade secrets and marketing strategies that they want contained within the company and its authorized personnel. WIth a reliable LMS software, you get a secure portal of information where you can store critical data or strategic instructions and can be accessed by those who are provided with appropriate authorization. This eliminates the possibility of information leak / theft which is very high in situations where data are shared via hard copies.

#4 Rapid creation and implementation of tests

Employers want to test the employees on their skills to gauge their expertise and skills. With an LMS software, employers can conduct quick tests for individuals and small groups and even on a massive, corporate scale. This will enable employers to gather data to see what areas their employees have excelled in and which aspects do they require added attention and training.

#5 Save time and resources

By creating a virtual classroom where each can access via the Web or the company’s intranet at any given time and from anywhere, the company saves precious time, resources,  as well as effort. A good LMS system reduces the time and costs of scheduling a training session, transportation of employees and staff, as well as lodging.


There are tons of benefits that stem from deploying a good and functional learning management system. Those mentioned above where just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. But with so many great options for LMS software out there, dedicating a good amount of time in reading reviews of LMS software systems and checking out reliable vendors would be a good start.

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