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qnaA teacher wants to introduce online course to his class, but he’s also a first-time LMS user.

“Hi, I’m teaching a sophomore tourism class in a community college as a part-time job. I’m also running a travel business, so that makes me a practitioner, too. I want to integrate LMS in my teaching because I often meet colleagues in the industry who I want to introduce to my class so they get firsthand account of the trade. But my colleagues are also busy; I thought an LMS should bridge that gap. Any tips on which LMS product fits my situation? Thanks!” – Ed Ronald, Orlando, FL

Hi Ed. That’s a great LMS integration idea, to introduce your students to industry influencers. Just off the top of my head–who’s going to shoulder the cost? You? The students? The school? I asked this because pricing will play a factor in choosing the best or top LMS for your need. Of course there are online LMS products that are free or come with a demo trial version. I leave it up to you to figure out the subsidy. Meantime, here’s my review on the best learning management system software that fits your situation.

Pick an LMS with a mobile platform

Since you’ll be out of the classroom (and your office) attending or meeting industry people, a mobile LMS can help you corner, for lack of a better term, your colleagues to talk to your class over a tablet or smartphone in a coffee shop or hotel cafe. I imagine these interactions are centered mostly around industry talks (what’s in and out in the industry), so there won’t be any heavy course materials needed.

Look for virtual classroom with flexible OS compatibility

The best learning management system software for you should have a virtual classroom or similar feature. Virtual classroom is a standard LMS tool, but what is important is you get one that is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. These are the top operating systems for desktop and mobile today used by your students and colleagues alike.

Choose LMS with easy to use tools

If you’re going to ambush (again for lack of a better term) your colleagues to give a brief talk to your students, he or she better be able to use the LMS without straining himself or herself too much. The LMS should have plug-and-play and intuitive functions that can put a novice up to speed. Your impromptu guest can focus more on the talk than on how to use the LMS.

Get a scalable LMS, preferably

I’m anticipating a scenario here: if your community college likes what you’re doing and decides to tap you as a consultant to replicate the LMS integration in other classes, you can easily scale up the LMS features you’re already familiar with. Likewise, if you want to apply the same setup in another enterprise, for instance, for your employee training or industry workshops, you don’t have to migrate to another LMS. You just add more features as you need them. So look for an LMS that is highly scalable in features and pricing.

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One last word…

When you do a comparison on the best learning management system software always remember how it will affect you, your students, and colleagues. Whether it’s pricing, usability, or compatibility, keep in mind that the LMS is not just for you. Much of the success of your LMS plan hinges on the experience of your students and industry guests, too. Good luck!

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