E Learning Management System: Comparison & Best Program Reviews For Your Company

qnaBritney is the HR manager of a medium-sized shipping company and is looking at adopting e-learning management system for their office so that the staff can upgrade their workplace skills. She is particularly interested in the use of computer technology to speed up work productivity and using the internet for collaboration. She would like to know more about the system and so came to us with the question:

“Hello, I am looking to introduce e-learning management system in our company because I believe we have to keep up with the changing times. Some of our staff have been with us for 15 years and have stagnated with routine work handling accounts. It is now time for a big change. I would like to know how we can adopt e learning management system without a major disruption to our work. What are the logistical requirements and skills needed to employ this system? Thanks in advance for your input.” Britney, WA

Hello Britney. E learning management system refers to the broad set of approaches using electronic media, computer-assisted technology and other means for education. Web based training and anything you learn online or through the cloud method may be classified as a component of e learning.

This type of learning is often divided into synchronous or asynchronous. With synchronous learning, everyone in a virtual class is learning at the same time. This may be done through Skype, real time chat or face-to-face conversation and webinars with a specified date and time.

With asynchronous learning, participants study at their own pace using wikis, discussions forums, websites or blogs, audio-video transcripts and other good sources. The schedule for this type of learning is virtually flexible as it was primarily designed for work-at-home parents or those who have health issues.

E learning is often construed as the broad term for  Classroom 2.0, so called because it uses Web 2.0 social tools for education such as blogs, Skype and social networking sites. In the field of higher education, the rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs) now makes it possible for individuals to get free education from leading universities like Yale and Princeton on subjects of interest like health, finance and even astronomy.

You were asking about the logistical requirements in setting up this system. The best thing about e-learning is that you just need a computer, either Mac or Windows-based, latest version of operating system and browser preferred. Many advances are also happening in the field that enables students now to study on their mobile phones and tablets; as such, learning is made possible regardless of one’s mobility or geographical location.

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There are actually a lot of software available in the market that will make it possible for your office to launch a program as soon as possible. You just need to do a comparison of top e learning management system offerings available in the market.

Good luck!

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