Hosted Learning Management System And Popular Benefits Of Such Tool For Your Enterprise

qnaJanelle is the marketing director of a hotel chain and is looking to get the approval of their Board of Directors for the adoption of a learning management system within the organization. She believes that it will accelerate the knowledge and skills of her co-workers on the fast-paced developments happening within their industry. She asked this question:

Hi, this is Janelle. Am really impressed  about what a hosted learning management system can do as I learned about it from my mentors. Seems this system has made it easier for everyone to study or learn new courses at their own pace and time. I wrote to ask you about what LMS set-up is best for our company. I am aware that there are many features and types of hosted learning management system to choose from and it’s quite mind-boggling to pick from the many good ones available. Your inputs that will help our company arrive at the best decision on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!” – Janelle, AL

Hi Janelle, thank you for your interest. First I would advise you to read a review about a hosted learning management system . From there, you can probably decide if it’s a good fit for your company. You would be surprised that there are countless LMS vendors out there in the market. Aside from closely apprising all the features they offer, price and your organization’s needs are als deciding factors. So it’s worthwhile to always make a checklist or a comparison.

A hosted learning management system means that it is web based or offered on the cloud server of the vendor offering the online service. It is in direct contrast to an LMS installed on-premise which is advisable only if you have competent IT staff in place to customize and mind the intricacies of running the system. Oftentimes, they would have the ability to play around with open source codes that are usually the norm when free LMS is availed of.

But with hosted learning management system , setup and installation are devoid of headaches because it is on the account of the vendor. All that’s needed to activate the system are a few clicks, so it’s really easy and simple.

Accessibility, flexibility and being completely hassle-free are the hallmarks of hosted LMS. It is flexible because it is highly scalable, with the capacity to adjust from one to even thousands of users (in the case of large enterprises). Bandwidth can also be easily adjusted as usage grows. Support and system upgrades are also no problem because it is taken care of by the vendor.

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You may opt for on-premise installation of the LMS if you think your IT guys can handle the job but your options may be limited. However, if cost is no object, a hosted LMS from a commercial service could be the easiest, preferred route.

Think about it and good luck!

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