10 Best Learning Management Systems For Your Company

lmsCompanies and academic institutions can really benefit from a reliable learning management system. In many companies business administrators make use of LMS systems to facilitate their training procedures and to look for new talents among their employees. On the other hand, universities and schools can use it to provide high-level education more easily and across various geographies, even to people on the other side of the globe. However, some LMS software platforms will work better for your company than others. In this article we gathered 10 best learning management systems chosen by our SaaS experts who thoroughly reviewed all the major players on the market.

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a super-efficient cloud LMS software to train your students, customers, partners, or employees. The system is fully customizable for your needs and offers comprehensible analytics about all aspects of your elearning environment. Top features include extensible user profiles, gamification, video-conferencing, course selling, notifications, and support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI). The app has a responsive design and is compatible on Android and iPhone/iPad devices. If you want to try out the software first the vendor offers a great free trial. You can easily sign up for TalentLMS free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
TalentLMS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

What are the benefits that TalentLMS brings to the table? To start, you can create elearning courses quickly and easily by using old presentations and videos or employing online material utilizing social integrations. The LMS can be configured for your business needs and you can create themes, add a custom logo, or map an external domain to personalize the tool. Since TalentLMS is cloud based, you don’t need to install, backup, or upgrade anything. As mentioned earlier, TalentLMS is designed and optimized to work with Android and iPad/iPhone devices. The vendor also offers a fully native mobile app for iOS and Android.

What are the key characteristics of TalentLMS? This cloud-based solution lets you deploy an elearning portal in minutes. Another advantage is the system has a minimalistic interface that allows you to focus on content instead of bothering with gimmicky features. Plus, you can customize the app to fit your branding requirements. The product offers a great mobile experience and you can access the system on your smartphone, phablet, tablet, or PC. Finally, the vendor offers flexible pricing packages and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as per your needs. If your needs are basic, you can make use of the free plan for life.

2. Schoology

Schoology is an innovative LMS and social networking application. The product makes it simple and quick to produce and distribute academic content. It offers a collaborative blended learning environment to make the conventional LMS more efficient. Plus, the LMS provides an adaptable learning solution that integrates content management.

Schoology is a student-centric and simple LMS that boosts collaboration, helps to rope in learners, and lets educators share best practices and training resources on a global and local scale. The product streamlines and systematizes the processes of content development and management, attendance, grade recording and more to help you save time on administrative tasks.

The main features of Schoology include curriculum management, creation of custom applications, collaboration-based interface, centralization of online educational activity, automatically updating online grading system, and advanced analytics. The app also offers instructor tools, curriculum management, global learning community, and analysis of hard data, and facilitates collaboration and improvement as well as closer engagement with learners.

3. Docebo

Docebo is a leading SaaS elearning solutions supplier and a comprehensive system for training management. This LMS can be used off-the-shelf and is fully integrated, readily scalable, and mobile-ready. It is offered for global users in greater than 30 languages. For these reasons, some of world’s top corporations are using Docebo to attain operational competence.

Docebo is an extendable and robust SaaS LMS that includes an option to activate an Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) app which allows the system to function on a dedicated cloud instance. On top of that, it delivers an easy to use, one-page web app to deliver, manage, and track elearning activities. Businesses of all sizes can implement this affordable and features-rich, tablet-compatible LMS. Currently, Docebo supervises more than 300,000 users in distance learning programs.

Top features of Docebo are eCommerce, classroom management, certification management, blended learning, asynchronous learning, and AICC/SCORM compliance. On top of these, the LMS also offers a modern and neat user experience, modularity, continuous innovation, a flexible pricing model, and a free trial.

4. Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS is a leading corporate LMS and a traditional Salesforce partner for secure data exchange and sales and service training. This app can automate both external and internal learning programs, yet it is a simple and easy to use LMS that does not need costly installations or dedicated training.

Litmos LMS is targeted at midmarket companies and established corporations and it is used by a number of leading Fortune 1000 members. Small businesses also will find the LMS affordable as they can make use of the dedicated ‘up to 100 users’ packages. In fact, this app is often preferred to cheaper LMSs because there is no setup fee, and the on-point customer support is not limited to a particular plan. The price depends on the number of users and the type of learning support you plan to use. On top of that, Litmos LMS makes it smooth and easy to sell by establishing a number of useful third-party partnerships with solutions such as Shopify where you can distribute your Litmos courses for free.

Top features of Litmos LMS include schedule live courses – ILT, SCORM & TIN CAN certified, sell online courses, assessment/quiz, custom branding/whitelabel, surveys, and intuitive user interface.

5. Edmodo

Edmodo is a social learning system for schools, districts, teachers, and students. The company was founded in Chicago, Illinois and its product is designed for education in the 21st century. It has evolved into a leading K-12 social learning network that connects learners with the educators and resources they need to maximize their potential.

You can use Edmodo to engage students and provide them learning in a familiar environment. Instructors can use this LMS to conduct classroom discussions online, offer polls to gauge student understanding, and give our badges to students based on their productivity and behavior.

Top features of Edmodo include measure student progress, create polls for students, build a network of communities, award badges to individual students, activate your free admin account, and accelerate learning goals. Benefits of this LMS include help to build a network of communities, speeding up learning goals, measuring student progress, personalization with apps, and connection to resources.

6. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS is a leading online elearning solution. The system has a customizable design and architecture that enables you to educate or learn in the way you desire. It places emphasis on communication between teacher and learner and makes it easy for both parties to collaborate in the learning process.

Canvas LMS enables students to submit paperwork, get notifications, and interact with their learning materials on all popular devices. Plus, they can also combine their Canvas LMS account with their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

Canvas LMS enables educators to create an ideal learning environment for their learners. They can offer feedback, merge wikis, blogs, videos, and other channels of education, and track their students’ progress. Top features include open API, customizable user profiles, LTI integrations, web-standard browser, integrated learning outcomes, and collaborative workspaces.

7. Brightspace

Brightspace is an integrated learning system designed for the use of K-12 education districts, higher education institutions, government agencies, and business corporations. It provides an adaptable suite of tools, services, and support to encourage social and active instruction. For more information on the product you can contact the vendor and also view the app’s free demo to learn about its features.

Brightspace combines learning and education resources with analytics and assessment features to offer an integrated elearning environment. It focuses on accessibility and usability, and merges social tools to create a collaborative and mobile-ready experience.

Another benefit is Brightspace seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work, and provides Learning Tools Interoperability integrations with third-party business systems. Finally, the vendor offers flexible pricing schemes and your quote is tailored according to your requirements.

8. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is an intuitive mobile-friendly LMS that allows learners and admin alike to access the courses from their smartphone or tablet. For admins, this lends flexibility to how you distribute course materials to match the different schedules and learning pace of students. It suits both academic and corporate HR needs.
Likewise, its user-friendly folder-based UI helps you organize course materials and related files for easy retrieval. You can further label and categorize the files by group with its unique user permissions. The system supports SCORM, Flash/HTML 5 and audio and video formats.
Furthermore, the LMS has powerful analytics that aids in evaluating learners’ performance. Through a robust set of reporting tools and templates you can track individual learner’s progress and assess the effectiveness of your courses.
You can also customize the interface with your branding elements and sell courses online with link to an online payment channel to quickly monetize your digital assets.

9. IMC Learning Suite

IMC Learning Suite is a flexible, robust, and powerful learning management solution that provides you with a complete and fully customizable platform to effectively and efficiently manage your learning strategies and practices. This enterprise-level learning management software gives you comprehensive end-to-end training management and delivery and it comes with worldwide applications.

IMC Learning Suite is widely recognized as one of the best learning management systems in the industry as evidenced by the numerous awards it has received. Whether you are still a novice when it comes to digital learning technologies or a well-versed HR manager who seeks a powerful and versatile e-learning software to provide seamless onboarding and integrated on the job training, you can’t go wrong with IMC Learning Suite.

10. EduXpert

EduXpert is a comprehensive learning management platform designed for educational institutions. It is equipped with tools that streamline all administrative tasks, enhance class management, and simplify school-parent interactions by providing them with a one-stop-shop portal for paying tuition fees and accessing progress reports on their ward as well as other school-related news.

EduXpert features automation capabilities for mundane administration processes, including enrolment, admission, and accounting, to name a few. Meanwhile, teachers can focus on creating compelling lesson plans as the platform makes it easy to remain on top of all student activities through functionalities such as student attendance tracking, school transportation management, student reporting tools and more. To help teachers improve their craft, EduXpert provides them with an internal chat tool designed to encourage instructors to interact with co-teachers for a productive discussion.

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