10 Best Learning Management Systems: Comparison Of Top Web Based & Mobile Tools

qnaAndrei runs a marketing company and would like to be oriented on the functions and benefits of learning management software to recommend to a top client. In order to do so, he needs help on making a review and comparative analysis of 10 best learning management systems so that he will be well-versed when the time comes to make a presentation. Andrei would like to gather as much data as possible about the subject. So he approached us with the question.

Good day, it’s Andrei here. Am preparing a major report and recommendation for a client on 10 best learning management systems. It is a big project of theirs next year and a budget has already been allotted for this. They are embarking on this endeavor as a tool for familiarizing the staff with new technologies and upgrading everyone’s workplace skills.

What I’d do is make a side-by-side comparison of these 10 best learning management systems but before I make one, I need to be thoroughly oriented on this topic. I have seen the websites of these LMS vendors but can you tell me what are the most important features to look for? This will greatly help me separate the chaff from the grain. Thank you.” – Andrei, AK

Hello Andrei, thanks for going to us with your concern. First, I would advise that you go to a site like Capterra because they have a listing of these 10 best learning management systems. This will make shopping for software easier for you. We think the features we are going to recommend to you are universal with any software. Just keep a close eye and choose what you think is a good fit for your client. Here goes:

  1. Customer support

Ideally, by this, we mean live help is available 24/7 for any emergency concerns that may arise. Support is your first point of contact with an LMS company when you subscribe so it’s important that they are accessible when you are familiarizing yourself with the in’s and out’s of the system. The LMS should be reachable by email, phone, chat, tweet and other social networks you are using. Likewise, they should also be able to provide a substantial Knowledge Base and Frequently Answered Questions page on their site for troubleshooting problems.

  1. System Security

It is important that you subscribe to an LMS that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for authentication and other internationally-accepted standards for compliance. Security and system stability should be paramount , especially as your school data is web based or on the cloud. Any online breach such as hacking or data loss will surely be destructive. Likewise, the vendor’s servers should have a good uptime record to avoid any disruptions.

  1. Ease of use and deployment

A complicated LMS defeats the purpose of learning, that’s why the courses should be simple and easy to understand. This is also where ease of use in terms of the whole interface comes in. The learning modules and built-in content should be a breeze to navigate; likewise, quick deployment of the learning tools should also be considered.

  1. Customization

The beauty of learning management systems is that you can customize them to accommodate your brand. Even though a third party LMS is the source of the courseware, your clients will only be able to see your logo on your own domain name, accented with beautiful themes and email templates. A good LMS vendor could even allow you to customize third party integrations and the creation of e-learning courseware.

  1. Flexibility and scalability

An LMS provider should be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of users , from 5 to 50,000 or even 500,000. Even so, the system won’t face a slowdown or breakdown or reach overcapacity. It should have a powerful supply of bandwidth, backup and usage issues should be managed competently.

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