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qnaAndy has recently made plans to launch another branch of his small car rental service in another city in Utah. His main office is located in Salt Lake City and the planned new location for its branch is in Canyon Rim. Andy will oversee the preparations as well as the process but plans to use an LMS training software in the future to provide a single hub where he can put his training course and other instructions for incoming employees for the Canyon Rim office. The question is, what is the best LMS training software out there?

“Hey there. I am currently mulling about the possibility of getting an LMS software for my next project. I plan to open a new branch of my small business in another city and I do see myself passing the management responsibilities to my staff once we are all settled. Among my proposed courses of action is use an LMS training software as part of the training process of the new employees for the projected branch in Canyon Rim. I could really use your expertise in determining which is the best LMS training software out there for my business. Cheers!”

Hello Andy! Looking for the best LMS training software system is in itself a huge undertaking as there are many excellent LMS software out there that could cater to what you really require for your enterprise. There are so many factors involved when it comes to determining which LMS platform will work well in accordance to your goals.

I have listed three learning management systems that you might want to check out. These three options come highly recommended by experts who know their learning management more than most people.

#1 Moodle

Perhaps the most popular LMS right now, Moodle sits on the top of every Best LMS lists out there and for good reasons too. According to tech writer Saomya Saxena of EdTech Review, Moodle (short  for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) has tons of features and benefits that will dramatically add that extra oomph to all learning management aspects of a business.

First, it is an open source tool that anyone can use for free. Who doesn’t love freebies? Moodle also boasts of a platform that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences and can be integrated to any business management setup. Plus it works well even if you plan to train a large group on a corporate scale.

Another thing that makes Moodle great is that it is built on simple technologies. That means whenever you need an upgrade or require some help on the system’s construct, the developers are rather easy to find.

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#2 DigitalChalk

Although DigitalChalk is not as easy to implement as Moodle, many users have found this particular LMS to be an excellent option for their learning management needs, as stated by tech site Best Learning Platforms. The system’s strengths are found in its training and course creation features.

DigitalChalk is best employed by companies who are bent on selling courses and training staff, which is good for companies and individuals who employ a large staff of employees who would rather spend money on software than on trainers and educators who might cost more.

As far as performance goes, DigitalChalk has maintained to be a popular choice mainly because it has managed to be fairly comprehensive with its list of functionalities. Even with its small stature and loaded features, DigitalChalk does not tend to go overboard. Another great thing about Digital Chalk is the complimentary phone support and training.

#3 Skyprepp

Skyprepp may be a paid service but investing in this particular software is likely to end up as an excellent expenditure if you deploy this system well. Users who have opted for Skyprepp have left nothing but positive feedbacks on the software’s performance and reliability in terms of learning management and online training.

With Skyprepp, you can upload contents just once and use them anytime and anywhere. With its reporting tools, you can quickly evaluate learning rates, curves, and progress of your trainees. As it is paid service, you need only to pay for active users and need not worry about shelling money for tons of dormant team members. Skyprepp also allows you to sell courses online, which is a great thing if you offer premium instructions.

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