What Is A Learning Management System And How To Compare The Best B2B Tools

qnaCasey has just opened her very own online enterprise and she has a few questions about learning management systems and what they can do to help her online business:

“Hi, I’m Casey. I have just opened my own small business and I really want to be able to ensure that my staff is well-trained. I think that it would be in my best interest to keep them appropriately trained. Plus, I need to make sure that they truly know what they are doing before I promote them. I have heard from my friends who also own their enterprise about a learning management system. I would like to know more about learning management systems and what they can do for my online company. Can you help me?” – Casey, TX

Hey, Casey. Your friends are right; a learning management system is truly what your venture needs. A learning management system, or LMS, is a software application that you can use for the proper administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and accurate delivery of e-learning education programs or training courses.

Learning management systems  have a very wide variety. They can be used for managing training courses and keeping educational records organized to distributing online or hybrid college courses through the Internet with the use of some features that have been purposely made for web based or cloud  collaboration.

Various universities and colleges today  make use of good learning management systems when it comes to delivering  easy educational courses on the internet and augment on-campus courses as well. Corporate training departments, on the other hand, make use of learning management systems in order to deliver online training and to automate simple registration processes for employees.

Back then, learning management systems were referred to as integrated learning systems or ILS. ILS offers its users additional functionality that was oftentimes beyond regular instructional content, such as tracking, management, system-wide integration, and more personalized instruction.

The term “ILS” was initially created by Jostens Learning, and LMS was original used for describing the management system that was part of the PLATO K-12 learning system. It was absolutely content-free and viewed separately from the courseware. At present, a learning management system is used to describe a variety of different education computer applications.

The important thing in understanding the difference between a learning management system and other terms that are associated with computer education is to understand its systemic nature. It is the framework that handles all of the aspects associated with the learning process.

It is also the infrastructure that manages, as well as delivers, instructional content; identifies, and also assesses both individual and organization learning goals. The system is also an efficient tool  in tracking the actual progress that the team has reached with regards to meeting the company’s goals. Moreover, it also works by collecting and presenting data that are used for supervising the team’s learning process.

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Fortunately, some of today’s providers of top learning management software have also included performance management systems in their roster of services. Such service includes employee appraisals, skills-gap analysis, multi-rater assessments, competency management, and succession planning.

We hope this basic orientation on the learning management system has helped you! Good luck.

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